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What is Drunken strategy gamers?


Based in the UK, Drunken Strategy Gamers is a bearded man and his friends who are huuuuge geeks. Be it in reference to gaming, sci-fi, fantasy, anime etc. It's all in there. There's even a thorough underlying enthusiasm for technology.

Predominantly YouTube and Twitch channels, Drunken Strategy Gamers brings you live gaming commentary, Let's Plays, Game Reviews and Gaming News. We can be found across a variety of social media.

All brought to you by BryanThePirate:




The Twitch Channel is where you can often find Bryan streaming on weekends and evenings (GMT) if you wish to see live content. At the moment there is only a follow feature, however plans to add a subscription feature for ad-free content and custom emote icons are being made.


Follow the twitter:

The Twitter page will provide regular links to video updates, things we've simply found amusing and just general updates regarding Drunken Strategy Gamers.


'LIKE' the facebook:

The Facebook page is similar to the Twitter but at Drunken Strategy Gamers we know some people don't like using it. So the Facebook page provides much of the same content but under a different medium to get your updates.

Support DSG:

Below are ways you can support Drunken Strategy Gamers. Currently this is a part-time job. Support to DSG goes towards making it full-time which will lead to more and better content to you, the fans. You can support DSG in many ways by either using our affiliate links when you buy stuff or by a direct donation on this website or through the Twitch channel. Currently all donations go towards buying better equipment to make higher quality content.